Modern Farmhouse Update

Dated: June 22 2022

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                         Modern Farmhouse Styles – The Trend

                              Gets an Update

Farmhouse décor has been a trend for the last decade. The look combines

functionality with a relaxed, lived-in feel. Pieces look slightly worn, rustic,

and inviting. The ease of the farmhouse style is one of the reasons for its

lingering appeal as designers look to modernize and update the look.

Modern Farmhouse style continues to emphasize a neutral color palette

and sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and used brick but

adds more sophistication to the theme. Capitalizing on the boho trend, the

Modern Farmhouse style might include accent pieces in wicker or kilim

rugs and pillows, warming the room and merging it with more traditional


Contemporary designs such as Industrial and Scandinavian also get an

update when mixed with Modern Farmhouse. The bright, light rooms of a

Scandinavian Farmhouse look might include a rustic kitchen table or

distressed flooring. While cold, Industrial design adds warmth with a sliding

barn door entry or rich leather chairs.

The farmhouse style focuses on comfort, practicality, and an informal

lifestyle. Today’s family enjoys this kind of living environment because it

offers an easy and flexible design. Inexpensive accent pieces are also

readily available which makes the style accessible to everyone. Modern

Farmhouse is an updated version of the original, incorporating fresh looks

and merging textures and palates to suit the contemporary homeowner.

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