The Ampersand Story

Traveling back in history to the first century AD, the Ancient Romans introduced what we now know as the ampersand.  Originally it was a combination of the letters E and T to represent et, the Latin word for and.  In the early 1800’s, the ampersand symbol was considered the 27th letter of the English language.  School children would add it after z, saying “x, y, z, and per se and.”  Eventually, the “and per se and” would morph into ampersand, showing up in the English dictionary for the first time in 1837.


At CB&A, Realtors we adopted the ampersand as our brand to represent a partnership for future growth. It is important for us to have a strong partnership with our agents, our clients, and the communities we are fortunate to serve.  With our agents we are partners in support, development, and service.  Our belief is that our agent partnerships will result in an increased level of service and satisfaction, solidifying our partnership with clients.  Finally, we firmly believe that we are not only fortunate to serve in our local communities, but also responsible for their sustained growth and vitality.  We take that partnership very seriously. The ampersand is also a representation of the future.  It’s a promise of what comes next.  Whatever your next move is, we want to be your guide.  We want to be the ones helping people find their way home®.